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You've heard the whisper...

There is a tug, deep in your body, calling you forth. 


Your dreams and visions are no longer meant to stay small and wrapped away; you are ready to stand in the fullness of your power and roar. 

evolutionary living for 
the changemakers, healers, visionaries, & artists
of a
new world.


You are here on this earth for a reason.

You know there is more than the anxiety, the fragmentation, & the disconnection that is reflected back in the world, and you are ready to dive deeper and come to know the true you. 

Every piece of our lives is part of the epic, evolutionary journey of our beings. The stories that are stitched into your bones are part of the unique medicine you bring to this earth, and the yearning in your soul is the vision life wants to create through you.

Come...join the circle of beings who occupy their bodies, their pleasure, their stories, and are here consciously walking through change with each step, each breath. 

Listen to the wisdom welling up from your body and your willingness to be brave. Take life by its tongue and lick every drop of nectar; ride the pulsating waves of energy into the evolutionary capacity of experience.

You are here to remember the greatness of your being, the holiness of being alive.

You are already perfect, connected, whole.

You are worthy.

You belong.


transformational coaching

is a journey deep into the body and the layers of your subconscious mind, into the subtle realms and the wisdom stitched into your bones.

It is a process of meeting yourself fully, in all of the places that are sticky and beautiful and real, and reclaiming the depths of your aliveness & power.

Autumn Road

you belong on this earth
in your fullness.

I'm Niikah Wylde

I'm an artist, doula, entrepreneur, and certified coach, and I offer my presence to walk with you on this next step of your journey. 

Somatic healing work has been the most powerful way I've discovered of transforming the way we walk through life, and I'm here to share the tools, presence, and space for you to deepen on your own journey of becoming.

Weaving ancestral knowledge and intuition with modern understandings of neuroscience , this trauma-informed approach to healing integrates the body, mind, and spirit for an evolutionary way of living that honors the natural impulse of life.



for Individuals & Relationships

Journey into the depths of your own wisdom

& embody your erotic power

Individual Coaching

  • Uncover the vibrant life you desire to live & cultivate the dreams that are ready to unfold through your being

  • Deepen your ability to connect with your inner wisdom, learn how to alchemize your emotional landscape, & expand your capacity to feel and experience life

  • Heal your relationship with yourself, release old patterns of anxiety & depression, transform past wounding, & step into your authentic power

  • Grow your sense of wholeness, interconnectivity, safety, and belonging, while liberating your erotic expression

Relationship Coaching

  • Cultivate a sense of relational safety, love, and belonging that meets your inner needs 

  • Expand your capacity for conscious connection, communication, intimacy, and understanding

  • Discover & tend to the wounds and patterns that are holding you back from experiencing the relationship you desire

  • Deepen into inner & relational healing through cultivating a connection that honors and dignifies your experiences

  • Liberate your erotic connection & intimacy through shared practices

Words from past  Clients:

“WOW - I felt so held, so heard, so free to be me with Niikah. She has wild, beautiful, magnetic, serene codes to share, and I am still feeling them after a month ago. Working together felt like a permission slip to be me & also awoke my inner lioness. Truly inspiring"

Anissa Walsh, founder of VAGABOND

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with Niikah Wylde

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